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A Park Concrete Renovation Like No Other

Xtreme Action Park is probably the coolest commercial business that E-ZGeneral has had the opportunity to work with in Fort Lauderdale. Inside the Xtreme Action Park is an arcade, bowling alley, and a gokart track with gokarts that reach 65 miles per hour! This Halloween there is a special gokart racing event and new customers will have no idea that the Xtreme Action Park building just had a major concrete renovation completed thanks to E-ZGeneral.

park concrete renovation

On the edge of the roof, there are dozens of concrete caps evenly spaced all the way around the building. Each of these concrete caps has several metal rods sealed inside for structural support. Over time, these metal rods started to rust and deteriorated the concrete caps!

For this concrete renovation project, E-ZGeneral’s team of diligent workers started to power drill away the ruined caps, and used Sika concrete products to form and set new caps.

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