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When it comes to the real estate market, sometimes it’s better to pay rent rather than buying a house. If a person is looking for a nice apartment to live in, surely they will notice the exterior of the building which will impact their decision to rent or not. For this reason, Windwood, an apartment complex in Deerfield beach was quick to call E-ZGeneral when residents started noticing concrete deterioration. Over time, metal support rods inside of the concrete walls, stairways, and balconies, start to rust and this weakens the concrete until it cracks and falls apart. The Windwood buildings were safe and sound, but the property manager thought it was time to start a concrete renovation project to bring the buildings back to their original, pristine condition.

Windwood Concrete Renovation - E-ZGeneral Roofing Contractors

E-ZGeneral’s team of diligent workers power drilled away the ruined concrete, and used Sika concrete products to form and set new concrete slabs. New residents will have to think twice about the age of the Windwood buildings because of such a great concrete renovation job!

For houses and commercial buildings, whether it’s a leak that needs to be fixed or a concrete renovation project that needs to be started, E-ZGeneral is here to provide professional support. For more information check out E-ZGeneral’s concrete repair and restoration page!

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