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A Tile Re-Roof to Cool Off Your House

Everyone in Florida wants to keep their home cooler in the summer, while reducing energy costs. You’re probably not going to re-roof your house just to reduce energy costs, but it’s not out of the question. The installation of this Eagle Energy Saving Roof by EZ General contractors has successfully done that for this homeowner increasing the longevity and efficiency of their investment. Homeowners love this product not only for the savings but because there are many color finishes to enhance the look of their home.

How does the energy saving roof work? As the sun heats the roof tile, the air and deck beneath the tiles warm up. An Eagle Energy Saving Roof significantly reduces the heat transfer from your attic into your home by naturally ventilating the air space between the roof and the deck.

EZ General is an efficient and reliable contractor that takes the time and care to work cleanly and quickly getting your home back in shape and looking its best. If you have to re-roof your house, definitely consider the Eagle Energy Saving Roof because you will save money, reducing energy costs.

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