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Mulit-Hotel Re-roofing Project

When you are staying in a hotel as a guest, the last thing you’ll ever worry about is whether or not the roof is leaking. Of course, this is only because property managers like that of the Residence Inn hotel are taking care of the leaking problem right away by calling E-ZGeneral! A Residence Inn hotel in Boca Raton had various leaks around the property, but guests probably never knew about it because the situation was taken care of quickly. Now, E-ZGeneral is working round the clock, completely re-roofing ten buildings for the Residence Inn, providing each building with a protective roofing system that will last for years to come.

Residence Inn Re-Roofing Project Boca Raton | E-ZGeneral Roofing Contractors

For this re-roofing, one of the main products used to create a protective roofing system was the GAF asphalt shingle. You can learn more about a protective roofing system and GAF asphalt shingles at

For houses and commercial buildings, it’s best to stop leaks early before the damage builds up and your neighbors or customers notice! If the leak is left unchecked, the damage can build up and result in an entire re-roofing project. Check out today for more information and roofing help!

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