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Have you ever thought about going on vacation and having your house completely renovated while you’re gone? This project was a complete residential remodeling in Pompano Beach, Florida. The entire exterior of the house was pressure washed clean, calked and patched, and then painted with two layers of fresh paint. In addition to the exterior walls of the house, the driveway and sidewalk were sandblasted to remove old red paint then power washed clean. After the exterior walls were redone and the pavement was cleaned, the real overhaul started on the interior of the house.

Pompano Residential Remodeling Outside House After - EZ General Roofing Contractors

Every inch of flooring was redone in this house. The carpets were ripped up, old tiles were smashed and removed, then brand new porcelain tiles were installed. Along with new tile floors, this wouldn’t be a residential remodeling if there wasn’t work done in the kitchen. In fact, the entire kitchen was demolished and moved to a better location on the floor plan, freeing up the entire space. New appliances, cabinetry, and granite countertops were installed in the kitchen. Lastly, the two bathrooms in this house were of top priority for E-ZGeneral and electrical throughout the house was installed and repaired.

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