Oceana South 2 Phase 2 Concrete Restoration

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Oceana South concrete restoration

In Jensen beach FL, there is the beautiful Oceana South condominium which is currently undergoing a concrete restoration project with E-ZGeneral Roofing Contractors. This project won’t be finished until March of 2016 because this 12 story building needs many of the balconies restored! Over time, the metal support rods within the concrete start to rust and eventually the concrete begins to deteriorate and fall apart. The E-ZGeneral team started this concrete restoration by drilling all of the loose concrete away from the metal rods and completely re-building each balcony using new building materials and freshly mixed Sika concrete.

Oceana South Concrete Restoration - E-Z General

If you enjoy scenic ocean views, why not try looking from a 12th story, newly restored balcony? If not on a balcony, perhaps you’re interested in long walks on the beach and you like the idea of watching sea turtles lay eggs. Whichever the case, the Oceana South condominium is a building to check out!

For houses and commercial buildings, whether it’s a leak that needs to be fixed or a concrete restoration project that needs to be started, E-ZGeneral is here to provide professional support. For more information check out E-ZGeneral’s concrete repair and restoration page!

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