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For the Cypress re-roofing project in Fort Lauderdale, there was actually a pool of water settling on the top of the roof! This pooling water caused the roof membrane to deteriorate in a particular area which can lead to water damage and expensive repairs. The property manager of this building decided it was time to call E-ZGeneral Roofing Contractors to help with the situation.

Cypress Re-Roofing Fort Lauderdale - E-ZGeneral Roofing Contractor

E-ZGeneral’s professional team started the re-roofing project by ripping up the deteriorated roof membrane. Then, using building materials from the CertainTeed organization, E-ZGeneral completely renovated the tapered roof system. A tapered roof system helps with water draining by sloping the roof downwards to central drains.

For houses and commercial buildings, whether it’s a leak that needs to be fixed or a re-roofing project that needs to be started, E-ZGeneral is here to provide professional support!

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