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How to Hire Only a Licensed Contractor

The rush to hire a contractor may lead you to hire a dishonest individual….

While hiring an unlicensed  contractor may provide a quick fix in the short term, it could  result in many serious and lasting consequences, including the potential for enabling damage to your property. When you hire a licensed contractor, you will have peace of mind knowing that the project will be done by someone who has taken the time to  acquire the appropriate education and the proper workers’ compensation and/or liability insurance and who possesses the necessary experience.
It is extremely important to be cautious when contracting for home improvements and storm repairs. Educate yourself, become an informed consumer, and protect yourself from people who will use your misfortune to their advantage.

To verify a contractor’s license, or to file a complaint against a contractor, call 1.850.487.1395 or go to the Florida Licensing Department’s website:

Keep Reading for some helpful hints.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Review your contract before you sign it.
  • Contact your insurance company to make sure work performed is covered under insurance policy.
  • Avoid paying cash.
  • Avoid any contractor who requires full payment in advance. Arrange to pay after the contractor completes the work or in agreed-upon installments.
  • Do not sign off that work is completed until all work is actually finished according to your contract. Confirm that the contractor has cleared all permits with final inspection approval from the building department.
  • If your contract exceeds $2,500, become familiar with the Florida Construction Lien Law.
  • Most jobs require permits. Always check with your local building department regarding permits needed for your project.


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