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shutterstock_130959599EZ General- bringing Green Roofing to South Florida

EZ General and Roofing Contractors, Inc. is a well-established business. It handles all your roofing and contracting needs such as installation, repair and maintance on all roofing systems, concrete repair and restoration, and windows and doors. It is a leading company in the application and services of quality products in the South Florida market. EZ General has taken a recent interest and initiative in installing green roofs in South Florida.

Green Roofs, also known as eco-roofs or living roofs, are the wave of the future in sustainable design. This is an environmentally sensitive roofing system which allows plants to grown on the surface of an otherwise concrete roof which involves a high quality water proofing and root repellent system, drainage system and a filter cloth. Eco-building Movement was started in Germany fifty years ago and has advanced ever since as a result if which thirteen million green roofs have already been installed in Germany. Living roofs have gained momentum in the United States too in the past five years. The long-term aesthetic and ecological benefits of green roofs far outnumber those of traditional roofs. These are beneficial for the building owners as well as the environment. They reduce the volume of storm water run-off and retain about 50-60% of total annual runoff volume of a roof. In urban and suburban cities, this could aid in alleviating the cost of storm water management and help in flood control since the soil retains more than 90% of the critical first hour of heavy rainfall. Green Roofing also improves the quality of water going down into streams and waterways by trapping and filtering dust particles and other pollutants from entering the storm water. It also reduces the impact of ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’. In summer, the temperature on green roof buildings can be 20-30 degrees cooler than conventional roofing, the concrete of which traps heat and maintain a temperature that is 10 degrees higher than the surrounding. They also provide soothing and calming spaces to look down upon and create wildlife corridors for migrating species

Another significant advantage of this eco-friendly system is the costs. Long-term financial benefits can be obtained since it will cut down on the heating air-conditioning a building requires. These last 40 years on an average as opposed to the traditional concrete roofing systems that has a life expectancy of only 17 years. This helps the homeowners to save. South Florida is thus going to benefit a lot by this emerging roofing system which is eco-friendly, provides long-term benefits and looks much more beautiful than the rustic, boring grey roofs. The best company to approach would then be your very own local roofing contractors, EZ General Roofing.

Contact EZ General at 954-418-8640 or by visiting them at ezgeneral.com. We’d really appreciate if you would go to facebook.com/ezgeneral and like our page. Thank you in advance!

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