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Customer Guidelines to Keep in Mind

During the restoration of your home, you may be living in a “construction area”. We realize this can be an inconvenience, and offer some helpful tips to make this time more comfortable. We are dedicated to our customers, and will assist in the performance of the highlighted areas below.

Before Construction Begins:

  • Please remove all valuables; jewelry, money, etc. from the premises. E-Z will not be responsible for missing items.
  • Remove wall hangings and breakable objects from shelves, as they could fall due to vibrations caused by hammering.
  • Confine pets indoors or restrain away from house.
  • Cover pools and spas.
  • Bring outdoor potted plants indoors.
  • Park vehicles a safe distance from the house.
  • Disarm burglar alarm, as vibrations may activate it.
  • Move outdoor lawn furniture to middle or safe area of lawn.
  • Please do not run sprinklers the night before, or during installation.
  • Cover objects in attic and garage, if it has no ceiling.

During Construction:

  • The construction crew will need to be provided with a source of electricity and water.
  • There will be nails and debris around the house and driveway. Please walk carefullyand do not drive on driveway.
  • When entering or leaving your home, exercise caution. Debris and other objects mayfall from the roof.
  • If additional work or materials, such as water damaged wood, are needed but notincluded in the estimate/scope, the homeowner will pay these charges at the time of construction. Failure to pay these charges will void the warranty on the particular project in question. We will be glad to assist you in filling a supplemental claim with your insurance company, as needed.
  • Check to make sure all gates are closed before letting pets outside.
  • Watch for overlooked nails.
  • Please leave permits posted until the city performs final inspection, if applicable.
  • Check furnace and hot water vents to insure that they are connected at the units, asthey may come loose or disconnected when the new vents are installed.
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