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Concrete Restoration Mixing Ingredients in Pan | E-Z General Roofing ContractorsWhat happens to your concrete balcony after years of wind, rain and sun? Over time, carbon dioxide, chlorides, acids or other chemicals enter the concrete through the gel pores and cracks which then reduces the pH. This lower pH destroys the concrete. Furthermore, the presence of water and oxygen starts working its natural erosion, and corrosion begins to decay the concrete. Due to the decay, the rebar begins to rust and creates a force on the concrete of up to 8000 lbs/ resulting in concrete cracking and flaking. EZ General specializes in structural concrete restoration. We review and find the origin of the problem and work out a solution to repair, restore, and refurbish the concrete to a pristine state.

We don’t even need to bother you to create an estimate, our team will review the property from the outside, pin-point what needs to be done, and address it in the proposal. Reducing the amount of water that penetrates the concrete is the biggest aid to a long lasting concrete structure, other aids are caulking & sealing seams and filling micro cracks which all will increase the strength of the structure. Call EZ General at: 954-418-8640 or email us at

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