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My husband and I were very pleased with the job EZ  did on our roof. We appreciated the quality of the product, workmanship, and dedication service we received. Getting our roof ahead of schedule relieved a lot of concern. Thank You EZJoanna Chevas, Ft Lauderdale

We’d like to commend Anthony Diaz of EZ General for his hard work coordinating the removal and installation of the roof on our home.  From start to finish, not only did Anthony follow through on phone calls, he was hands-on with everything from removing the extra steel roofing panels to completing the paperwork for the Building Inspector.  What stands out most was his effort to put the steel roofing supplier in contact with me.  I had many questions about the materials and process and Anthony, on his own initiative, had the supplier contact me.  This one contact made an enormous difference in our expectations and understanding of the re-roofing process.  Because of Anthony’s efforts, as well as the conscientious work done by the roof removal crew and installation crew, we’ve recommended Home Depot’s Home Services roofing services.
Thank you to all the staff at EZ General for their hard work and excellent end results.

Richard Gage & Kevin Tippett

In these tough economic times, a new roof on our home was the last thing we needed–financially and emotionally! I was referred to EZ Roofing by my friend and neighbor. From my first phone call to their final clean-up, I was completely impressed with the quality of work and their reasonable pricing. Great job, big-time recommendation for the EZ Roofing team!Sara M, Delray Beach
EZ Roofing to the rescue. Operating a 20,000 sq/ft warehouse and storage facility in South Florida, wind and rain can cripple our business. EZ took the time to thoroughly examine our damage, and provide a timely, affordable, and secure solution with their polyeuethane foam application. Top notch people, top notch service.Brian A, Fort Lauderdale, FL

SENSATIONAL South Florida Roofing Company – in Every Way!
I had a leak in my home roof.  I googled HOME ROOFING REPAIR and many vendors came up.  Then, I googled each of them along with the word, COMPLAINT – and they all had complaints.  So, I scheduled appointments with the 3 vendors that had the least amount of complaints, and the only one that had no major complaints, EZ General & Roofing Contractor.
All except EZ sent out a scout – someone to make sure that I had a leak, which seemed like a waste of time to me.  Then, each scheduled a second appointment with a high-powered sales guy to sell me a new roof over a repair, to haggle over a price, and to force their sales process on me – instead of letting me buy the way I wanted, and buy when I wanted.
Fortunately, EZ sent out an amazing technical and salesperson (and a very special person overall) – and his name was Wagner.  Wagner educated me on the many technologies, associated risks, state legislation and costs for repair and replacement of a roof.  Then, he spent significant time telling me about his company.  The one thing that I liked was that EZ did not employ the bargaining process – in other words, I did not have to dicker over price.  Wagner made a point that they have a fixed profit margin built into their bid, and that was all they were looking for.  In other words, I would get a one-time fixed price – I loved that, and even better, it was significantly less than other bids, even after the competition’s original bid was heavily discounted.
Also, in case I wanted to replace the roof, Wagner offered me a link to his supplier’s website of roofing tile and accessory selections.  It provided great depth in knowledge on the roofing process and why the supplier was top-rated.
In essence, EZ provided me a sales process that was easier and more pleasant than everyone else.  My spouse and I discussed it for a couple of days and elected the repair which was $4,000 over the $23,000 replacement.  And, once the roof was removed, Wagner sent use pictures of the rotten wood and then sent pictures of how they repaired it.
Of course, if we are still living in the house when our next roofing problem occurs, we will seriously consider calling EZ and not think twice about anyone else.  Additionally, since we are in the process of considering remodeling our current home, or if we buy and remodel another, since EZ is also a general contractor, we would not blink an eye at using them for that.
Finally, thank God for finding EZ and getting to know Wagner.

Brian A, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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